Android Data Backup – The complete Guide


If you don’t back up the content on your Android, it is a huge risk. Everything that you take for granted being at your fingertips can be gone! Do you know the phone numbers of all your contacts? Will you have another way to recover the information on your smartphone? What about all of those priceless memories that are only photos on your phone?

Your Android smartphone is likely to be your mini office. You may have plenty of information on your calendar. You have your personalized settings and you may have your passwords saved. Imagine if you last all of it and had to start over again. It would be a time consuming nightmare – and it can all be avoided!


Backing up the data for your Android is an option, but it is one that you should initiate. Too often, people learn the hard way after they have lost everything. There is no reason to let that happen though. Android data backup is easy and it doesn’t take much time at all. By backing it all up, you can restore what you need should there be any concerns. This is peace of mind too important to ignore!


Inbuilt Backup Feature

All Android smartphone have a basic data backup option provided. However, this is only going to allow you to backup some basic data. That includes your contacts, passwords, and Wi-Fi settings. However, it is important to understand that it won’t allow you to back up your SMS or MMS.


If you experience custom ROM on your Android phone, you can use an Android backup offered through CWM Recovery or through TWRP Recovery. These will enable you to back up everything that is stored on your smartphone. You can also use various options available online such as Google Play Store. It is best to avoid rooting your Android phone though to be able to use a given back up feature.

Backup Using Apps

Here are some of the best apps to consider if you are looking for a way to back up your Android data. All of them are compatible with non-rooted Android smartphones as well as tablets. All of the options listed here are also free to use.

Backup your Mobile App

If you are interested in an all in one Android backup system for your data, this is a free download you can get from the Google Play Store. You can back up everything quickly and easily with Backup your Mobile App. The backup will take place with either an SD card or in the system memory. It is also possible to store the data you wish to backup to DropBox or Google Drive. You can complete the backup manually as well as schedule it for regular intervals.

Easy Backup & Restore App

If you are easily intimidated with apps, there is no reason to be with this one. Easy Backup & Restore App allows you to backup all of your data with a step by step system that you will be walked through. You can choose to store your backup data on an SD card or the system memory. You can also store it in Google Drive or Google Mail. There is the option for manual and schedule updates for backing up the data.

Go Backup and Restore Pro

If you are interested in a professional version to use for backing up your Android data, Go Backup and Restore Pro is a good choice. This is one that many people use when they need to feel confident that important data is going to be successfully retrievable. The free version allows you to backup the files to your SD card. You can store to Google Drive and DropBox, but only if you opt for the paid version. Only manual backups can be done with the free version. If you pay for the upgrade, then you can schedule them to automatically occur.

Helium App

This app slowly gaining popularity due to its simple interface and various option. One of the other reason of popularity is, the app is developed by well recognized developer Koushik Dutta. Helium work on both root and non-rooted mobile or tablet. Helium lets you backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage. With Helium, you can sync app data from your other Android devices– even if they are not on the same network.

ROM Manager

Though this app work only with rooted device, we added it to this list because it can backup and restore whole OS. Just install the app and with the help of its user interface you can backup your current ROM. This app basically create a mirror image of your current OS that you can restore later.


Android data backup isn’t something for you to do once and forget about. To be effective, you need to do it on a regular basis. You can do it manually at any time you would like to. If that is the only method you want, make sure you set reminders in your calendar so you don’t forget.

Most people find that scheduling automated backup restoring to occur at regular intervals is the easiest way to ensure it gets done. This allows them to know everything on their Android smartphone will be accessible to them. If they have an issue with the phone, they can retrieve current data from that backup storage location.