How To Backup Android Data Using Helium


Honestly! Helium is one of the must have app in my view, specially if you flash custom ROM often. Unlike other backup app Helium work on both rooted as well as non-rooted device. Helium lets you backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox or Box. Another useful feature is, with Helium, you can sync app data from your other Android devices– even if they are not on the same network. You can also schedule your backup with Helium.

Nearly 85% smartphone and tablet runs on Android. That clearly mean, if you own a smartphone then it most likely running on Android. Smartphone now become essential part of our life. We play game, capture images, do texting, record video and many more. Everyday, we store various data in our mobile device and non of us really wiling to lose it. You don’t like to lose your game progress, your WhatsApp Messenger conversion, your images and many other app data. That’s where Helium is useful. It can backup all your app as well as system data, that later you can store easily.


There are two version of Helium available – free and paid. Free version of Helium comes with ads and user are limited to backup data into SD Card or Computer. Premium Helium user enjoy an ads free interface along with various other benefits, such as Automatic Backup schedules, Android to Android sync and Cloud backup and restore.

I personally own Premium Helium app. I bought it not because it have ads free interface but it helps developer keep the app free for those who can’t afford.

Now come back to point – how to backup Android device data using Helium.

Download Helium from Play Store first and install it on your Android powered mobile device.


Step By Step Guide To Backup Your Android Device Data Using Helium

1. Open Helium app. If you own a rooted device then grant root access and the app is ready to use. Non-root user must download and install Helium desktop installer. After that connect the device via USB and follow on screen guide on phone to enable Helium.


2. Now select app that you want to backup. You will see Helium arrange your apps this way – System, Application and Backup Disallowed. Yes, Helium can’t backup few apps such as Live Wallpaper, YouTube and Chrome.


3. Once you done, tap on Backup button. Now select Backup destination. For free user the choice are limited but premium user can save there data over cloud storage such as Google drive or Dropbox.

Restoring data is very easy. Open Helium first and then tap on Restore and Sync tap. From there select the storage option where you backup is saved.

I hope this small little guide helped you to utilize Helium as well as secure your precious data.