Benefits of Rooting Android Devices – Phone / Tablet / Camera / Watch etc.


In prime how to, you will find various tutorial about rooting your Android device. However, you may thinking what the hell is rooting and why I need to do that! That’s why I’m writing this article. However, before shouting about benefits we must know the disadvantages of rooting.  Three disadvantage of its are – one, your device warranty will be void (you can get it back by restoring back to original firmware usually but not always; especially if you trip Knox counter), next you won’t receive official firmware update through Kies or OTA but can flash the firmware manually and the last disadvantage is, you must be careful about apps that asking root access otherwise they can change your system setting.

Root is probably the most used term in Android ecosystem. As said earlier, you have read various root article at PrimeHowTo and now time to learn about befits.



Install Root Only Apps: Once you rooted your device you can install all those apps that ask root access. You may seen various app on Play Store that ask for root access. Most of these apps are pretty useful and necessary in various circumstances. For example SetCPU app will automatically control the CPU usage of your device, vastly increasing its battery life. You may find many such apps, themes and customization that can only work when you have a rooted Android device.

Custom ROMs: The custom ROM probably made Android more attractive and engaging. With the help of custom ROM you not update your latest flagship smartphone but can also update the old phone or tablet that abandon by manufacturer. With the help of custom ROM you can enjoy several customization, functions and unique user interface. CyanogenMod based custom ROM comes with root but many other ROM such as Omni require you to root it. Once you actiavte root, you will enjoy various root only feature that your installed ROM offer.

Access System Files: Manufacturer limit the access of system file and there is a good reason behind it. If you mess with your system file you may brick your phone. However, if you develop little knowledge on what to modify and what not, you can enjoy the root access. Once rooted, you can access system files and get full control on your device. You can even remove bloatware (manufacturer only apps), tweak system file for better performance and much more.


Install apps on your SD Card: Most smartphone manufactured this day comes with good amount of internal memory. However, if you have a old phone or you want to install lot of big size games then its a good idea to move some of your app to SD card. However, by default Android build prevent you to do that but once you root it, you can install apps on your SD card with the help of various MOD and apps, that means more space for your important files or big games.

Easy Custom Recovery Installation: Custom recovery is a very important part of Android for those who install custom ROMs and MODs. There are many ways to install custom recovery but the easiest way is through ROM Manager or TWRP Manager. And both this app require a rooted smartphone to perform.

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Above mentions are few of the benefits that a rooted Android device (smartphone / tablet / camera) offer you. However, these are not all; there are many other benefits too. You just need to explore it.