How To Setup D-Link Router To Access Wire/Wireless Internet


A router helps you to connect your computer or any other device, wired or wirelessly to your network. D-Link known for manufacturing one of the best and affordable router. If you bought a D-Link router and willing to configure it properly to access internet anywhere around your surrounding, then follow below tutorial. The tutorial is tested on D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N150 Cloud Router, however it should work with other D-Link router. Also note, in this tutorial we will setup a static IP connection.

Step-By-Step Guide To Configure D-Link Router

1. Open browser and then type your network IP (default IP is: at browser address bar and hit enter. You should see a login page. Default login username and password is admin.



2. Once you login, you will see a page with current network setting. Click on “Advanced” button.


3. First you must change the default password of your D-Link router, so that you can protect your setting from intruder. To do so, click on maintenance tab on advanced setting page. The first option is device administration. You can’t change the username but change the password with your desired value then click on Save setting.


Change Admin Password D-Link

4. Now click on setup tab. First choose your internet connection type – Static IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, PPTP or L2TP. Since in most cases we need to configure our router to work with a Static IP connection. In this guide we choose Static IP. Once you choose Static IP as your internet connection type few text field come up below. Just fill those box with your network provider value. Then click on Set Up.


5. Now set up Wireless connection as well as secure it. Under setup tab, locate wireless connection on sidebar and click on it. First enable Wi-Fi protected setup. Then choose Wireless Router as Wireless Mode. Change Wireless Network name if you wish. Then choose security mode and fill the box with your desired password. Save your setting. The router then restart.


That’s it! You completed the basic setup as well as secure your wireless connection. You can now access internet on your mobile, tab or any other device that have Wi-Fi enable. However, you may require to setup it first to access your secured Wi-Fi setting.